Singer Featherweight in the House

Oops I did it again.

I bought a sewing machine.

But this one is cute.

1934 Singer Featherweight

1934 Singer Featherweight

This one has a beautiful straight stitch, comes with its own case and accessories, and similar machines are owned by millions of people.

But this one is from 1934.  That’s one year after they started making them in 1933.  These crazy little reliable sewing machines were made in virtually the same design from 1933 to sometime in the sixties. They can be looked up by date by checking their serial number on the bottom.  Older Singer Featherweights are worth a little more, but a lot depends on the condition.    This one has some wear and tear from use, but I would guess that’s to be expected.  I have some wear and tear from use and I was not born in 1934.

Featherweights really still hold charm in the eyes of many sewists.  Without any gimmicks or heavy duty electronics, these little machines just keep going.  And going. Parts for them are readily available on the market.  Resale value still holds.  Collectors are all still interested.  Some things just never appear to lose their value.

1 thought on “Singer Featherweight in the House

  1. Thanks for your “fetching” comment about this 1934 Singer Featherweight machine. I just purchased one myself because my larger size vintage Singer (which I purchased used 40 years ago) would no longer fit in my living space. It was still working and going strong. This new smaller machine is just as efficient, and as reliable, just more compact!. Enjoy your sewing machine. Thanks for the picture.

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