A Trip Down Folk Art Lane

I’ve been whipping out a quick little piece designed by Amanda Murphy.  It comes from her fabric collection Folk Art Fantasy. 

The design is basically done with raw edge applique (my favorite kind.)

I used Wonder Under as my fusible.  I prefer it, because it stays pretty lightweight, and keeps the edges from fraying as you work.  With large all-over appliques such as this, you really also need some support stabilizer behind the whole thing as well, to do the blanket stitch work.  I used a medium weight tearaway, Ultra Clean and Tear from OESD.

I saw Amanda’s fabric line at quilt market, and came back and really made a recommendation to our shop owner to purchase this fabric. I just fell in love with the graphics and the cheery brightness of the whole line. Just a small sample is shown here.

I also appreciate that the design elements carry through to the patterns.  Notice the checkerboard in the flower in the fabric above.  It shows up again in the pattern I worked on, and the other elements appear in more of her patterns (the bunny is themed as well, and the houses too). I appreciate the thought that goes into that. Some of her fabrics even echo her quilting designs.

I used the folksy aqua blue town fabric on the back of the project…because I love it and wanted it to be seen.  It all just feels cozy — but with a modern twist.  I tend to dreamily become a little Amish/Mennonite during the summer.  Or at least I am attracted to the charm and simplicity.  Just don’t take away any of my modern conveniences.

Speaking of conveniences, if you are someone who owns a Silhouette or other cutting machine, her pattern includes a link to svg files.

I don’t think I’m done with this fabric yet.  I might have to do a larger quilt.  As usual, it has to get in line behind many other projects.  Still, it’s all a joyful distraction from reality.

And who doesn’t need that these days.

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