Region 2 Complete!

Finally made another quick visit to Thimbles in Lockport and that completed our Region 2 portion of the Northern Illinois Quilt Shop Hop.  We’ll be moving on the road again soon, but with temperatures shooting up into the 90’s over the next few days, I think we’ll be cautious about how far we head out.  We are actually going to try to do Region 3 in one day.  That’s a trip out to Galena and Rockford.  We’ll see how that goes.


Thimbles in Lockport

I enjoyed myself here. The store is a delight – lots of samples and fun fabric, charming to wander and discover. Staff was welcoming and friendly.

What I bought: This fantastic cartoon fabric all about home sewing.  They had a sample of it made into a bag and I loved it!






Thimbles in Lockport

Thimbles in Lockport

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