Still Hopping

I managed to squeeze in another four stores this weekend…found the ones that were open on Sunday and headed out.  Alas, I did not bring my sidekick with me this time. He was devastated. Not.

Nevertheless, I was able to navigate these few on my own.


Prairie Shop Quilts in Batavia

Lots of fun novelty fabric, including plenty for children.  I noticed many children’s patterns too. She also had a nice selection of batiks.  Active shop for a Sunday afternoon!

What I bought:  More food fabric for my son’s soon-to-be-quilt featuring all snack fabrics.

Reluctant Assistant comment: Not present, but he would have loved the novelty prints.

Prairie Shop Quilts


Heading over to Oswego, just thought I’d mention this little tidbit for those of you who like to imbibe:  The Fox Valley Winery is en route from Batavia to Oswego, on Ogden.  I was so tempted to stop but unfortunately, I had to keep moving. But now I know where it is!  I’ll be back!!!


Prairie Stitches Quilt Shoppe in Oswego

Very traditional.  But I loved the furnishings and the layout, it was all inviting.  While it has some modern fabric, it’s clear they specialize in loads of traditional fabric, lots of browns, maroons, very warm and rich. Large selection of wool in colors I don’t normally see.

My eye was drawn to a quilt on the wall made from their “ugliest fatquarters” contest.  It’s currently a raffle quilt.

What I bought:  Teal colored wool, Mary Janes Farm Magazine

Reluctant Assitant’s comment: Not present.

Prairie Stitches Quilt Shoppe in Oswego

Prairie Stitches Quilt Shoppe in Oswego

Raffle Quilt made from "ugliest fatquarters". Prairie Stitches in Oswego.

Raffle Quilt made from “ugliest fatquarters”. Prairie Stitches in Oswego.












Quilter’s Quest in Woodridge

This is a brand new shop–been opened about a week now.  They have 2000 bolts of fabric, with a goal of getting up to 6000 in the near future.  They sell Bernina machines and they also have just about the largest longarm in the back that I have ever seen.

They do not have a sign outside yet, and Woodridge will not allow them to put anything up outside.  Follow your GPS, then look for the Wood Craft shop.  They are to the left of it, behind the Baker’s Square.

What I bought:  Fabric for my stash

Reluctant Assistant comment:  Not present

Quilters Quest in Woodridge

Quilters Quest in Woodridge







Quilt Fabric in Westmont

This is a very big store, with tons of fabric. They sell Janome machines and Innova longarms, I believe.  Be careful here…they don’t have fatquarters but half yard cuts.  it’s easy to buy twice the amount of fabric you intended!! (I did!)

What I bought: Fabric and some quilt stationary.

Reluctant Assistant’s comment: Not present.

Quilt Fabrics in Westmont

Quilt Fabrics in Westmont











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