Three Days

Three days.  Three days was all it took.  Three days of driving around the suburbs looking for locations and I finally let loose a string of profanity so clear, colorful and resounding that my 10 year old in the back seat learned correct grammatical usage and tense.

After driving to four quilt shops, two of them being CLOSED–(Note to all shop hoppers: check to see what days the stores are OPEN.)–and after inhaling the dust from my neighbor’s newly installed stone driveway for three days, we ran into more construction on the way home.  38, also known as Roosevelt, goes down to one lane between Winfield and St. Charles.  The signage gives drivers plenty of time to merge.  However, you know how it is.  Someone always thinks that where they’re going is more important than where you are going.  So they zoom all the way to the end of the lane that’s ending then cut in front of everyone to get back in line.

Today, I found myself inching over the middle line to prevent the zoomers.

I never do this.  And I don’t recommend it.

But you’ve seen this too, people like me who get tired of being cut off and attempt to stop others by blocking the second lane.  Well, needless to say, someone came up behind me and laid on their horn, eventually swerving out into the emergency lane to go around me and cut everyone off.

I knew it was time to go home.

My husband told me a story about the same type of thing happening in front of him on 64 (where, if you don’t already know this, is a construction nightmare on the east side of St. Charles).  He said one car moved over the middle line as lanes were closing, blocking people from cutting others off. Of course, someone else attempted to go around the vehicle on the passenger’s side.  Then he said the passenger of the first car swung open the door as the other was attempting to pass.  Interesting tactic.  Luckily, no one was hurt.

I almost forgot to mention.  As we passed the intersection of Arlington Heights Road and Rand Road, I heard a huge crash. Uh-oh.  I reached the front of the intersection. Yep.  It became clear that a pick-up truck had hit a car.  The woman inside the car was crying hysterically.  She had at least one child in the back seat.  The front lefthand side of her car was crunched like a paper bag. I could plainly see she was wearing a seatbelt and the air bag had engaged. Instantly I reached for my phone and dialed 911.  There was no way for me to jump out to assist without causing the potential for more accidents. If you’ve ever seen the amount of traffic at Arlington Heights Rd and Rand, you understand.

Shop Hoppers, be careful out there.  It’s crazy. Drivers are unpredictable, traffic and construction is maddening.  The main goal is to stay safe. I’m reminding myself.  I’m reminding you.  Now on to today’s shops.


Fabrics Etc in Bensenville

One of the largest shops I’ve seen.  Lots and lots of fabric and notions and thread.  They had  a class in the back that must have held 60 people.  They sell machines, Bernina and Babylock from what I could tell.They did not have a basket prepared for the giveaway.

What I bought:  Fatquarters

Reluctant Assistant comment: ” Lots of variety.  The life size poster of that lady (Eleanor Burns) is a little scary.”


The Quilt Merchant in Winfield

A charming store, very inviting.  Mostly traditional fabrics, but a nice selection of brights and batiks in the back.  They did not have a basket prepared yet for the giveaway.

What I bought:  Kaffe Fassett fatquarters

Reluctant Assistant comment:  “They will cut fatquarters for you.  They did for my mom.”


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