I am grateful for…

…family.  Immediate and extended.  Functional and dysfunctional. Near and far.

…friends.  Old and new. Tried and true and even those who think I’m the crazy one. It’s OK. They may be right.

…work.  Getting paid to do things I love, to work with my hands, to teach.

…students.  Passing along  knowledge to those eager to learn. It’s lovely.

…a roof over my head. After recent storms I am reminded – it’s a gift.

…a warm bed. Enough said.

…more food than anyone at our house will be able to eat in one day on Thanksgiving.  The abundance is embarrassing, and I’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve it.

…snow.  Giant quiet flakes or howling blowing tiny ones that swirl on the driveway.  There will come a day in a few months when this will come off the list and all I’ll be able to think about is spring.  I am grateful for that too–that every season holds its own beauty here in the midwest.

…volunteer work.  Knowing that at least I tried.

…creative outlets. Photography, painting, sewing,.  Without them I would explode.

…good books. (If you like a good mystery, start with “Still Life” by Louise Penny.  Follow it up with “A Fatal Grace”.  Both perfect for the season.)

..nature.  All of it.  From the tiniest seed to the vastness of the stars.  I don’t get it and I don’t have to.  I’m grateful just to be a part of the mystery.

…faith.  Knowing that I know nothing, and that my puny mind is not the last word.

…hope.  “Sun follows rain. Peace follows pain.”  (yikes, what a time to quote a Marie Osmond song).

..love.  Without it of course, the rest doesn’t matter.

Wishing you and yours a blessed, abundant, creative Thanksgiving. Thank you for reading this blog.


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