It’s Hemmer Time!

My apologies for the header….I couldn’t resist.

But if you have never used hemmer feet, you are in for a treat.

Bernina has quite a few different hemmer feet and you can read about all the details of each one in their “Feetures” series of books.  These detailed books are the best resource in the industry, explaining every foot and accessory that Bernina makes, why it is engineered the way it is, the advantages of the foot, the how-to’s of different techniques using each foot, and cross references to other feet that might be used for the same technique.

I purchased a few of them and you can see the differences below.

Bernina Hemmer Foot #62

Bernina Hemmer Foot #62

The #62 foot is meant for very small, fine hems on lightweight fabric.  If you look closely, you can see that the hole for the needle is only large enough for a straight stitch.  That’s because the hem this foot creates is only 2 mm wide…only a straight stitch will fit.



Bernina Hemmer foot 63

Bernina Hemmer foot #63


The #63 hemmer is designed to hem around curves.  It takes a little practice to get this hem perfect, but well worth the work.  The cutout on the bottom of the foot is specially designed to make it easier to feed the fabric around a curve. I will be making some flounces in the near future. Definitely needed this foot.


Bernina Hemmer foot #66

Bernina Hemmer foot #66

Another wonderful foot.  The Bernina #66 hemmer is designed to use with denim or upholstery fabric, any fabric that’s on the heavy side.  The hem on this foot is approximately 6 mm.

The finish is very clean.  I can see using this on ruffles for valances.



If you are interested in finding out more about hemmer feet, look it up in Bernina’s Feetures books, or visit

Now that I own a few, I can’t imagine why I waited so long!

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