O the Weather Outside is Frightful

Table runner

Table runner with text on a path, applique, free standing lace and an embroidery from the new collection Urban Doodles:  Lilies with Spheres.

Not really.  The weather outside is not frightful at all.  In fact it’s quite delightful.

However, in the world of quilting and embroidery, we’re already thinking ahead to fall and winter and gearing up for the holidays.  If I waited to start my fall quilting projects until it’s really fall, I’d never get them finished on time.  So, we quilters and embroiderers start getting excited about new holiday fabric right about now.

This particular project involved embroidery text set on a path. This month in the August Software Sampler, Amanda Whitlatch will cover all of this in detail and much more, so be sure to visit Sew Generously or your local Bernina dealer to attend or find out more.

Using V6 embroidery software, go into Art Canvas and set up a vector shape for the text to follow.  See below. You don’t have to use a spiral, you can create a freehand line, or use a rectangle or another shape.  I just had some fun with the spiral.


Next, click the text icon on the left, then go to the text menu and click “Fit Text to Path” .  Type in your text.  Select all.  Then click the icon on the left that says “Convert text to embroidery.”  This will open embroidery canvas, and your text will be converted.



Be sure to check your text to make sure it is large enough to stitch out properly.  You can always increase the size, but at this point it will be treated as a graphic and not as text.


I want to create a couple of mug rugs to match the table runner using this text below.


Have a little fun with this, and be sure to visit your local quilt shops soon.

The Northern Illinois Quilt Shop Hop is still on until the end of August.

You can still enter drawings, get 15% off your purchases, and best of all, most of the shops now have the newest holiday fabrics in store!  So start planning your projects–  because as soon as the kids are back in school and that first North Wind begins to blow, we both know you’ll be itching to get behind that sewing machine!

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