Christmas Embroidery

Maybe I’m feeling blue this Christmas.  Maybe I’m just inspired by all the recent snow we’ve had.  Whatever the reason, the other day, I was driving down Randall road and a small grove of trees (weeds?) against a snow bank caught my eye.

On a side road I can usually stop and take a picture to capture the scene and the light.  But not this time.  This time I was in a hurry, running around doing Christmas errands, etc. No time to stop and enjoy anything. No time to stop and take artsy pictures. No time.

But the little vignette stayed with me.

And eventually, I had to sketch it out.

Within minutes, I had embroidered it in my mind.  If I were using paints, it would be so much easier.  Mixing a paint color does not require hunting down the right fabric. When you paint, you don’t have to purchase 3 different colors of paint to help decide which is right.  You simply mix the colors yourself.

Besides, I wasn’t thread painting.  I was digitizing.  When you digitize you can start with a very simple sketch.  The rest is done in software.  I drew and assigned colors in software.

Here’s my little sketch.  Squeezed in during the holidays, because it simply wanted to exist. I had no time for it.  But it found its own way out.

Merry Christmas to all of you, and a happy and blessed new year.  May all your artwork find its way out.

snow embroidery

It's about 12 inches wide

It’s about 12 inches wide

In progress.

In progress.

The view from the sewing room.

The view from the sewing room.

The 30 second sketch I used to start digitizing.

The 30 second sketch I created to start digitizing.


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